Certificate in Managing Agent Practice

SISV Academy together with APFM welcome members of APFM, managing agents, property managers and all other real estate professionals to undertake the course on Certificate in Managing Agent Practice.

This course is specifically developed with the key objective of providing a better understanding of Managing Agent Professional Practice in strata management.  Those who enroll for the course will find it useful as it provides a broad overview of the strata management practice and technical aspects required in managing a strata development.

SISV Academy and APFM are pleased to announce this Online Learning Course on the Certificate in Managing Agent Practice (the “course”) followed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Association of Property and Facility Managers (APFM) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) on 12 February 2020 on the new accreditation scheme for managing agents.

The SISV Academy in partnership with APFM will be conducting the training of the course which will be accredited by the APFM.  The online learning course is provided to you through SISV Academy via the portal https://eLearningHub.sg and we would need you to familiarise yourself with the functions and application of the format and how this course is being conducted.
Important Information to note:-

Course details
The course consists of 3 modules, namely;

Module 2:  Application of BMSMA
Module 3:  Building Services and Maintenance
Module 4:  Communication and Office Administration

While the trainers of the modules hope that their training notes, particularly those relating to BMSMA, will equip the course participants with some basic knowledge and information on the application of BMSMA to facilitate them in doing their job as managing agents, these training notes are not an exhaustive attempt to explain every detail and provision in the BMSMA. Where appropriate and necessary, if formal legal opinion is needed, the participants should seek and obtain legal or professional advice on interpreting the provisions in the BMSMA. 

Lecture 1 - Introduction to BMSMA
  1. Previous amendments to BMSMA
  2. Current amendments to BMSMA (2017)
  3. Share value
  4. Accessory lot
  5. Common property

Lecture 2 – Stakeholders (Part I)
  1. Owner-developer
  2. Management Corporation (MC) / Sub MC
  3. Council of MC / Sub MC

Lecture 3 – Stakeholders (Part II)
  1. Subsidiary proprietor
  2. Managing agent
  3. Commissioner of Buildings

Lecture 4 – Operation and Maintenance Matters (Part I)
  1. Convene and Conduct First AGM and AGM
  2. Motion of AGM, Service of Notice, Period of Notice, Presiding of Meeting, Quorum, Proxy, Voting,  Deemed Day, Election of Council, Adjournment of AGM
  3. Convene and conduct of EOGM, Council Meeting, display of Notices/minutes
  4. Council Meeting

Lecture 5 - Operation and Maintenance Matters (Part II)
  1. Type of Resolutions
  2. Determine Management Fund (MF), Sinking Fund (SF) and Special Levy (SL)
  3. Use of Management Fund and Sinking Fund
  4. Recovery of contributions
  5. Strata Roll

Lecture 6 - Operation and Maintenance Matters (Part III)
  1. By-law
  2. Prescribed By-law / Additional By-law
  3. House rules
  4. Insurance
  5. Strata Titles Board - types of disputes
Building Services
Lecture 1  Cleaning & Waste Management
Lecture 2  Pest Control Services
Lecture 3  Landscape Services
Lecture 4  Security Services & Systems

Building Facilities (Mechanical)

Lecture 5  Water Supply & Sanitary Plumbing Systems
Lecture 6  Swimming Pool Maintenance Services
Lecture 7  Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems
Lecture 8  Fire Protection Systems

Building Facilities (Electrical)

Lecture 9    Electrical Systems
Lecture 10  Lift & Escalator Maintenance

Building Defects
Lecture 11   Water Seepage, Spalling Concrete
Lecture 12  Safety of External Features & Other Building Defects

Lecture 1
  • Handling feedback and effective communication skills
  • Mediation and conflict resolution techniques

Lecture 2
  • Resolving Management Corporation Disputes through Tribunals and Courts

Lecture 3
  • Setting up Management Office
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Lecture 4

  • Tender and contract administration

Lecture 5
  • Financial management and control

Certificate in Managing Agent Practice (TGS-2020502735)

Former Course Reference No. CRS-N-0050598

This course is formerly known as Managing Agent Accreditation Scheme Upon your registration of the course, you may commence with any of the 3 modules.

This means you may commence with, say Module 3, followed by Module 4 and completing with Module 2.

It is not necessary for you to commence with Module 2, 3 and 4 in sequence. However, please note that you will have up to 90 days to complete each module you have selected.

Each module will include MCQ assessment tests, an optional revision class and a date for compulsory class assessment examination.

Please note that you are only allowed to take a one-time retest for each module. Upon failure at the retest, you will need to attend the full training before taking the examination again.

Extension of Module It is important that you note the 90 days period to complete each module you have registered.

You will be alerted twice by our system (10 remaining days and 5 remaining days) before the due date for the completion of the module. When you are at the last remaining 5 days stage, you must quickly extend the module if you are unable to complete the module on time. You will be allowed to extend for a further 2 weeks from the expiry date to complete the module.

However, SISV Academy will charge an administrative fee of SGD$20 (excluding GST) for every 2 weeks request for the extension

If you failed to request for the extension of time, you will be automatically logged-out of the system upon expiration of the 90 days period for the module.

Once you are logged out of the system, you need to re-register to take the module if you wish to continue with the course.

A fee of SGD$80 (excluding GST) will be charged by the SISV Academy if you re-register within less than 2 calendar months of the logged-out date and registration fee of SGD$120 (excluding GST) will be payable if re-registration is more than 2 calendar months of the logged-out date.

The Organiser reserves the right to alter the programme or cancel as may be necessary. In the event of any alteration or cancellation, participants will be duly notified.



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Please Note

Revision and Examination will only be conducted subject to a minimum class size of participants.  If the minimum class size is not met, the revision and examination will be deferred to the following month.

You can book for the Revisions and Examinations by email to secretariat@apfm.mygbiz.com.  Please note that booking a slot does not warrant confirmation.

Confirmation of the Revision and Examination will be emailed to you at least 4 days prior to the Revision date.  The Zoom link for the Revision class will be sent out at least 3 working days before the Revision date.

Revision Notes will only be distributed 2 days before the class upon confirmation.

Registration Date:
15 May 2020 12:00 AM - 30 June 2024 12:59 PM (UTC + 08:00)

This class consists of 3 modules namely:


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1.  How to amend/update my Grant Application information?

  •  After clicking View Application, you will get to see your Grant Application details.  Edit the necessary.
  •  Scroll to the bottom and click on Update to save any changes made.

2.  Where can I view my examination result(s)?

  •  Access to your enrolled Certificate in Managing Agent Practice course.
  •  Click on View Results.

3.  Where can I view my e-Certificate?

  •  Option A:

  • Option B:

Access to your enrolled Certificate in Managing Agent Practice course.


4.  How do I print my Examination Results/e-Certificate?

Print button/icon is found on bottom right of the page.

5.  How do I save my Examination Results/e-Certificate?

  1.  On Examination Results/e-Certificate page, click on Print button.
  2.  Subjected to individual's PC's devices list, look for the option to Save/Print to PDF.  See example below:


  3.   Pick your choice and Print.
  4.   You will be prompted to save the PDF.


6.  Why I'm not receiving email(s) for my 2FA login/Course Registration Confirmation/Grant Application Confirmation/etc?

  1.  Check your email's JUNK/SPAM folder.
  2.  If you have difficulty locating the junk/spam folder, please identify if there is any collapsed folders in your email.  Refer the following using Gmail as example:



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